Rake bucket rock loader guide wheel 15376502873

Rake bucket rock loader guide wheel 15376502873

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Rake bucket rock loader guide wheel 15376502873

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A guide wheel, characterized in that: it consists of a sleeve, adjusting screw, casters, the base, the seat and the steering pin composition, the inner sleeve sleeved adjustment screw, adjusting screw is mounted at one end of the roll, and the other end by adjustment nut and caster frame connection, caster frame and casters connection; steering seat and base are connected by a pin, base and are provided with corresponding holes in the steering pedestal same center distance, U-shaped pin inserted to turn the steering pedestal and base the corresponding holes , U-bolt the base fixed to the trailer in a rectangular tube The utility model has the following advantages: 1. Can be used as a fulcrum, adapt to any uneven ground environment, maintaining stability of the entire RV; 2. In the process of moving the trailer, The caster turn into a horizontal direction, to reduce the impact with the ground casters, extending the life of the guide wheel; 3. cleverly designed, simple structure, easy to operate, durable.

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