Shanxi rake bucket rock loader, Inner Mongolia rake rock machine, rake gangue machine, Cinder machine

Shanxi rake bucket rock loader, Inner Mongolia rake rock machine, rake gangue machine, Cinder machine

Product description:

Shanxi scraper rock machine; Inner Mongolia rake rock machine; rake gangue machine; Cinder machine

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Rake bucket rock loader (rake rock machine) Overview and major parts function

1, the fixed wedge: it is fixed to the head to the tail wheel suspension, the wedge, with tapered sleeve and collar rope and other components.

2, tail wheel: is suspended from the fixed wedge collar to guide the harrow return head, mainly by the side plates, wear sheave, hook, composed of spindle and bearing the harrow is in thigh. tail rope traction mainly as reciprocation, Pa take rock, rake angle of 60 °, flat slope roadway GM, is the main tool rake rock machine Pa take rock rake teeth with high wear resistant manganese steel materials, wear and tear can seriously after harrow teeth replacement.

3, the trolley's control mechanism, winches, guide wheel and the feed tank, intermediate tank, unloading slot. Feed chute in the middle with a lifting device, the screw can be rotated to adjust the level dustpan mouth, in order to guide the harrow out and prevent gangue scattered in splicing site also has lateral guide baffles; around the middle groove bent parts, each provided with a removable wear curved plate; spring rear unloading tank containing a buffering action meet and foot.

4, electrical parts: The random matching rake rock machine motor one, according to user needs can be provided separately ZYPD-17 (can be converted to 11 kilowatts) explosion-proof and intrinsically safe control box (the starters), LA81-2 type Explosion-proof button switch and the lighting of the 127-volt mercury lamp (the power provided in ZYPD-17 starters) each set, but need to be specified in the order, said the main electrical voltage are 380/660 volts. Another According to user requirements configuration transfer device

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