Concrete Splitter | rock splitter

Concrete Splitter | rock splitter

Product description:

Splitter Concrete rock splitter

Concrete splitting Introduction:
Splitting machine, also known as split; splitting machine; split stone machine; mountains machines; press the power station can be divided into: electric type, type of diesel, gasoline, air motor rifle division by four kinds of materials can be divided into: Both steel and aluminum division Guns division. Another gun forces also can split the size classification.
The products are mainly used for building stone mining operations; large pieces of ore (metal ore, non-metallic minerals) secondary disintegration; concrete components (cement pavement; the machine base; bridges and housing components) partial and total demolition operations; natural stone mining split, broken. Compared with the traditional practices of these areas, simple structure, easy operation, high efficiency, low cost, safety, energy conservation, etc. Compared with similar foreign products, with a high price (the price of foreign products about 1/4). The product is especially suitable for the secondary division chunks of rock, is a completely ideal equipment to replace manual blasting and disintegration.

The main application areas

FL70 type

FL80 type

FL90 type

FL100 type













Ganghunjiegou plain concrete and light demolition

Demolition of reinforced concrete structures

Concrete pile head removed

Underwater demolition of buildings and rock

Viaduct; Bridge; Pavement Reconstruction and culling

Building renovation project and culling

Large rock sculpture

Building nearby excavation Wuji

Underground mines; pier foundation; pile excavation


Remove dangerous rock

Pipeline, canal excavation

Rock, ore secondary disintegration

Special Hard Rock Excavation

Wuji sandstone excavation

Exploitation of marble blocks

Mining granite blocks

Sandstone mining blocks

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