Bucket elevator, bucket elevator, chain bucket elevator

Bucket elevator, bucket elevator, chain bucket elevator

Product description:

Bucket elevator; bucket elevator; chain-type bucket elevator

Hoist purposes:

Bucket elevators, machinery and transport equipment is a fixture, mainly for continuous vertical lifting powder, granular and small pieces of material it can be widely used in various scale feed mill, flour mill, rice mill, oil upgrading plants, starch plants and grain storage, ports and other bulk materials.

Hoist main feature

1. The drive power is small, the use into the feeder, induction discharge, large capacity hopper-intensive layout. Material hoist when almost no feed back and excavating, therefore, less reactive power.

2. Lift the wide range of this type of hoist types of materials, less performance requirements, not only to enhance the general powder, small granular materials, but also can improve the larger abrasive materials. Sealing, less environmental pollution.

3. Run reliability, advanced design principles and processing methods to ensure the reliability of the machine running trouble-free time more than 20,000 hours. Hoisting height. Hoist smooth operation, so you can achieve a higher lifting height.

4. Long service life, improve feeder take inflow style, without using bucket digging materials, extrusion and collision rarely occurs between materials. The machine ensure that the material at the time of feeding, unloading few scattered in the design fall, reducing mechanical wear.

Hoist Production and development of energy-saving:

Wound-rotor string resistance governor, consume a large amount of slip on the resistor power, the lower the rate, the greater the slip power consumption. Use of Frequency Control, is not an efficient way to speed energy consumption. Hoist are in electric mode most of the time, energy is very significant, estimated by more than 20% energy saving, and achieved good economic results. In addition, the hoist inverter speed to make the system operational stability and security has been greatly improved, reducing the operational failures and downtime hours, saving manpower and resources to improve the ability of coal and indirect economic benefits are also very impressive.

Hoist Product works:

TH series bucket elevator works:. TH series bucket elevator for conveying powder, granular and small block of non-abrasive and abrasive materials TH small type is a circular chain bucket elevator Adopting hybrid or gravity discharge, digging loader traction member with a high degree of high-quality steel ring chains. Central cabinet divided into single, dual two forms of the machine weight box Constant automatic tensioning sprocket rim using interchangeable modular structure and long service life, easy replacement rim The lower gravity automatic tensioning device that can maintain a constant tension to avoid slipping or off the chain, while the hopper stuck chance encounter caused by factors there is a certain degree of tolerance so that when the phenomenon of resistance, can effectively protect the lower shaft and other components. The bucket elevator for conveying a bulk density of less than 1.5t / m3 easy to dig powder, granular, small block bottom abrasive materials such as coal, cement, gravel, sand. fertilizer, food and so on. TH-type bucket elevator for vertical transport of various bulk materials suitable for conveying powder, granular, small block material, the material temperature below 250 ℃

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