Price TH-bucket chain hoist, hoist bucket

Price TH-bucket chain hoist, hoist bucket

Product description:

TH-bucket chain hoist , Prices bucket hoist

Bucket elevator maintenance Caution

1, bucket elevator should empty load driving. So every time before shutdown should be drained of all material in the hopper, and then stop.

2, can not be reversed. Inverted chain derailment phenomenon that is likely to occur, remove derail failure is troublesome.

3, uniform feeding is prohibited suddenly increases the volume of feed. Feed amount can not exceed the transmission capacity of the hoist. Otherwise likely to cause material accumulation boring car accident when the bottom of the grave.

4, in a timely manner appropriate to add oil.

5, the timely replacement of the chain and the hopper when severe wear or damage.

Hoist the main technical parameters:

Specifications Maximum lifting height (m) transport capacity (m / h) Bucket distance (mm) Motor power (kw)

160 283-85003-7.5

200 31.56-155003-7.5

250 30.1610-255004-11

300 30.1625-355005.5-15

350 3119-406007.5-18.5

400 3235-506007.5-22

450 32.742-606007.5-22

Hoist safety rules

1, elevator maintenance and managed by designated personnel, key power switch box managed by designated personnel.

2, the hoist winch must limiter and stroke limiter, the limiter should be raised to a pulley or pulley 300mm from the reel before can automatically stop.

3, there should be the maximum load hoist flag; in improving; landing weight must not overload (1T).

4, power transmission, check the winch limiter, stroke limiter, interlock switches and other safety devices, sensitive and reliable, and try hanging.

5, lifting, before landing, after-ringing warning before driving.

6, hoist absolutely does not allow manned, under.

7, after work, hoist hanging plate should fall, then cut off the power, shut the door and down the fence.

8, keep lifting around machine sanitation.

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