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Mina wig | fake bangs piece headband incognito | air simulation hair oblique bangs wig piece flush invisible

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Product parameters:

  • Brand: Mina
  • Wig single product: Qi Liu
  • Color Classification: Liu Qi: Qi Liu natural black: black brown Liu Qi: Qi Liu dark brown: light brown bangs oblique: Nature black oblique bangs: black and brown bangs oblique: dark brown oblique fringe: oblique light brown bangs: golden brown with sideburns Liu Qi: Natural black belt temples Liu Qi: dark brown sideburns Qi Liu with: dark brown sideburns Qi Liu with: light brown elongated thin temples Liu Qi: natural black elongated thin sideburns Qi Liu: dark brown sideburns Qi Liu extended fine: brown Long thin sideburns Qi Liu: light brown ribbon hair bands Qi Liu: natural black bands hair bands Qi Liu: dark brown hair and hoop Qi Liu: dark brown hair and hoop Qi Liu: light brown
  • Wig bangs Category: Qi Liu
  • Hair Material: High temperature wire

[Style one: Liu Qi]

[Style II: oblique fringe]

[Style three: with temples Liu Qi]

[Style four: long sideburns Qi Liu]

[Style five: with hair bands Qi Liu]