DDZ type wedge belt conveyor belt with a broken arrest device

DDZ type wedge belt conveyor belt with a broken arrest device

Product description:

DDZ type wedge belt conveyor belt with a broken arrest device
Works: DDZ-30/80100120140 type conveyor belt with a broken many arrests along conveyor installation, when the belt during normal operation, the middle of the one-way roller rotate with the belt, about two blocks in the wedge brake below the belt and not in contact with the belt, adjust the belt on both sides of the gate block and parallel to the longitudinal belt when breakage occurs belt, brake blocks quickly turn to touch the top of the belt means so that, while driving along the wedge-shaped wedge brake blocks continue groove campaign, will decline belt sandwiched between the brake block braking wedge brake blocks, to prevent falling off the belt.

The product on points; under arrest device with tape off; its features are
1. During normal operation, the brake blocks and wedge brake blocks are not in contact with the belt, and the belt on both sides of the gate block to rotate to avoid obstruction of coal transportation.
2. When the brake belt, the belt force to decline as a driving force, the wedge lock brake block, brake belt will fall, no external power.
3. braking, the belt is sandwiched between the brake blocks and wedge brake blocks, brake block surface contact with the belt, large brake area, less damage to the skin.

4. You can carry the amount of the adjustment on the brake block adjustment bolt, set on the belt extends into the depth of brake blocks.
5. With integral mounting bracket, which greatly increases the intensity ratio of the split bracket for easy installation.

Third, the technical characteristics:
. A unilateral braking width (adjustable): 100 ~ 150mm
2 Amount custom power:. 30KN / sets
3. The failure load: 50KN / sets

Fourth, the product range:
1. The bandwidth of 500 ~ 2000mm belt conveyor
2. rigid rack and hanging conveyor
3 inclination conveyor belt:. A ≥ 6 °
4 Groove roller groove angle: Suitable for all kinds of groove angle.
Maximum installation distance (m) at different inclination belt conveyor - (reference value)

Belt strength Bandwidth (mm) Installation distance (m)

10°~12°13°~15°16°~18°19°~22°) 22°


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