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Belt conveyor | belt | belt curves | climbing belt | Groove belt

Belt conveyor | belt | belt curves | climbing belt | Groove belt
  • Belt conveyor | belt | belt curves | climbing belt | Groove belt
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Belt conveyors Conveyor Turning belt climbing belt conveyor belt Groove

Belt conveyors The use of continuous or intermittent motion conveyor to transport all kinds of different severity of goods, can transport all kinds of bulk material, but also transport all kinds of cartons, bags and other single-piece weight of small pieces of cargo, and versatile.
Conveyor belt material: rubber, rubber, PVC, PU and other materials, except for the transport of ordinary materials, but also meet the oil, corrosion-resistant, anti-static and other special requirements for the delivery of materials using special food grade conveyor. belt to meet the food, pharmaceutical, household chemicals and other industries.
structure type: Groove belt; flat-belt machine; climbing belt; belt curves And other forms, but also added to enhance the conveyor baffle, skirts and other accessories, can meet a variety of process requirements. Side conveyor with table, adding lighthouse, can be used as electronic instrument assembly, food packaging assembly line.
The main parameters: belt width (mm) Conveying length (mm) Motor Power (mm) transport speed (m / s) throughput (t / h)
Standard conveyor belt width is 20030040050060070080010001200mm, also according to customer needs to use other special specifications.
Belt curves within standard turning radius of R185; R600; R900; R1200mm like; customers can also use other special needs
Drive: gear motor drive, electric drum drive.
Speed ​​mode: Frequency, infinitely variable.
Rack Material: carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
Features: smooth transportation, materials and conveyor no relative motion, can avoid transporting material damage less noise, suitable work environment requires relatively quiet occasion simple structure, easy to maintain a smaller energy consumption, low cost... . low cost.

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