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Chemical cleaners Chemical Industry Dust Collector

Chemical cleaners Chemical Industry Dust Collector
  • Chemical cleaners Chemical Industry Dust Collector
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Chemical cleaners Chemical Industry Dust Collector

Chemical dust collecting device; dust control chemical industry; a low-cost chemical dust collecting device; Shandong Chemical dust collection; a chemical dust control

This product is mainly used in fertilizer companies, chemical companies chemical dust collecting dust since the market is unanimously approved by the majority of customers, products sold throughout the country.

Purpose and scope:

Fertilizer production process will generate a lot of dust, especially fine particles of urea fertilizer dust, contaminating the air and the environment, but also affected the fertilizer production, but also serious damage to the health of production workers, the company in existing domestic collectors on the basis of and for the fertilizer plant and a series of plant polluting the environment, affecting normal life of residents, we developed a new type of HCS series of chemical dust collection products on the basis of a serious loss.

Application and chemical plants, fertilizer plants, electroplating polishing plant, sandblasting factory and a series of strong concentration of dust collection site, gathering dust for clean air, recycling materials to save energy.

product number:

H C S - 6000

H: Chemical C: Dust S: collector

6000: clean air 6000 m3 / sec

Technical Parameters:

1. collect purification capacity: 6000-36000 cubic meters / hour

2. The cleaning and recovery efficiency: ≥95

3. Water consumption: 15-20 l / min

4. Noise: ≤85db

5. Water pressure: ≥0.3mpa

6. Motor power: 5.5-75kw

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