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Reciprocating hoist

Reciprocating hoist
  • Reciprocating hoist
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Reciprocating hoist
Large numbers of machine vertically demand in the transportation process, we designed a number of ways to enhance to suit different needs, saving the limited space to maximize efficiency.
Screw hoist : Mainly used in product areas such as condensation drying
Bucket elevator : Mainly used in particle transport can be controlled automatically by the machine stop start signal recognition
Reciprocating hoist : Mainly used to enhance the box element.
1. Vertical Reciprocating hoist work backhaul do not take work shelf beat, high transmission efficiency, and not affect the speed of delivery.
2. The only pieces of cargo transport, and the material has a minimum size limit.
3. bearing range, up to 2000Kg.
4. With the entrance of transport equipment, the transport process is fully automated, avoiding manual brought instability.
5. Compact structure, small footprint.
6. Safe and reliable, easy maintenance, low operating costs, reduce transportation costs.
Z Vertical hoist C Vertical hoist
Lifting speed) 1000mm) 1500mm
Lifting speed (40m / min (30m / min
Delivery beats (30 / min (10 件 / min
The maximum load (2000Kg (500Kg
Type of material crates; pallets and other packing; pallets and other
Standard width 400 600 900 1200mm 400 600 900 1200mm

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