ZM-1B single head hair cutting device

ZM-1B single head hair cutting device

Product description:

ZM-1B single head hair cutting device

Concrete cutting hair machine ZM-1B Single head cutting hair cutting hair machine unit

Single head cutting hair cutting hair and triceps are widely used, especially in the concrete cutting hair is the best tool in the industry has been recognized as the best surface preparation and removal of the coating surface treatment tool body lightweight, unique piston system chisel thick and fast break hard concrete surfaces, suitable for the top surface of concrete, facades, angle cutting hair fast, easy to close integration of old and new concrete, improve project quality.

The main technical parameters:

weight 2.6 kg

length 460 mm

Number chisel feather 1 Months

Chiseling beam diameter 31mm

Chisel feather diameter 31mm

Chiseling capability 3-3.5 m

Hammering frequency 5000 Times / min

ZM-1B Hand-held concrete cutting hair with small size, light weight, the top surface of the concrete, facades, angle cutting hair job showing unmatched performance, even deeper into the ordinary large-scale equipment unable to penetrate the narrow space to implement chiseling jobs .


Length does not exceed 0.5 M, weight 2.6 kilogram.

Compact and flexible; easy to carry; for quick change of duty station;

Unique piston system can quickly break teach thick and hard surface;

Blade made of special alloy materials, resistant to wear and tear;

High-strength piston and cylinder, long life;

Special nylon brush effectively block the dust; clean the piston; the tool longer life; single nut design; simplified piston replacement;

Body vibration; further reduce operational risk operator's hand; greatly reduce arm vibration injury;

High efficiency chiseling, hammering points up 20000 point / minute , Save labor, a significant reduction in construction costs.

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