Inclined blast doors

Inclined blast doors

Product description:

Inclined blast doors

product description

Inclined blast doors for the entrance inclined aim to open in time when the mine exploded in a timely manner to facilitate the explosive gas spill, gas overflow back door automatically closes regeneration .

Technical data - Inclined blast doors

Models and specifications icon Drawing No.

MFBX-5.0 * 3.8 B66-375 (1) -00

MFBX-4.4 * 3.55 B66-375 (2) -00

MFBX-4.0 * 3.3 B66-375 (3) -00

MFBX-3.5 * 3.05 B66-375 (4) -00

MFBX-3.0 * 2.8 B66-375 (5) -00

MFBX-2.5 * 2.65 B66-375 (6) -00

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