Scraper sprocket | scraper Accessories

Scraper sprocket | scraper Accessories

Product description:

Scraper accessories scraper sprocket

Quality scraper scraper sprocket alloy scraper blade scraper Accessories price

Buy high quality scraper accessories to one hundred million coal mine machine 0537-315135815376502873 welcome you !

High quality alloy structural steel fabrication, machining sprocket scraper made ​​by multi-channel technology, scraper sprocket having a high strength, wear resistance and other characteristics, scraper sprocket model range, for various types of shaving conveyor .

One hundred million coal Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing scraper Accessories:

Sub chain; a head frame; tail rack; the central groove; excessive groove , Sprocket; roller; for wheels , Scraper ring chain, connecting ring . 3380 Semi- rollers. 2533 tail drum, tail shaft, gear, arc scattered gear, four .

One hundred million coal machinery; professional mining machinery provided; supplies fittings, etc. with a single; welcome!

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