Mining scraper, scraper blade

Mining scraper, scraper blade

Product description:

Mining scraper, scraper blade

Ore supply scraper blade scraper blade shaped price of hot-rolled steel scraper scraper Accessories Steel scraper

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GB / T3414 Coal shaped hot-rolled steel

Steel scraper Uses: mainly used scraper conveyor and loader.
Supply scraper blade ,40T Scraper , Scraper steel production

40T scraper; production scraper; scraper steel Model:

5# Steel scraper. 6.5# Steel scraper blade Steel Materials: M510, M540 6.5 # Steel scraper parameters:

Forged blade, scraper conveyor connecting ring height: 65 width: 34 thickness: 8.59.89kg / M

5# Steel scraper basic parameters: Height: 52 width: 28 Thick waist: 8

Scraper steel Standard: (People's Republic of China National Standard)

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Sub-chain, a head frame, tail rack, central groove, excessive tank, sprockets, roller, on wheels, scraper, ring chain, connecting ring, 3380 semi-cylinder, 2533 tail drum, tail shaft, arc gear, arc scattered gear, four.

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