Mine ring chain | Mine high-intensity ring chain

Mine ring chain | Mine high-intensity ring chain

Product description:

Mine ring chain Mine high-intensity ring chain

Mine high-intensity ring chain ring chain ring chain Xinjiang quality ring chain ring chain scraper ex-factory price accessories

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The main varieties are: mining high strength ring chain, for supporting the mining scraper conveyor, Shearer and other equipment of lifting, lifting, bundling, protection, and other chains for cement, shipping, way street, dock transport. and other fields. Also in accordance with the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany and other foreign standard specifications of the chain of production and exports to many countries with high intensity mining ring chain
Main specifications 10 * 4014 * 5018 * 6422 * 8626 * 9230 * 10 834 * 12 638 * 13 742 * 146
Specifications Model Pitch (mm) paragraph break load (KN)
Φ14*50 (30) 50 ≥170
Φ18*64 (40T) 64 ≥290
Φ22*86 86 ≥550
Mining extraction, transportation, loading down equipment. Perfect variety of large equipment and some special models can be customized.
One hundred million coal Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in producing scraper Accessories:

Sub-chain, a head frame, tail rack, central groove, excessive tank, sprockets, roller, on wheels, scraper, ring chain, connecting ring, 3380 semi-cylinder, 2533 tail drum, tail shaft, arc gear, arc scattered gear, four.

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