Foil gold rope packaged Shengkun belay rope supply

Foil gold rope packaged Shengkun belay rope supply

Product description:

Foil gold rope packaged Shengkun belay rope supply

Also known as gold foil rope rope:

There are single-stranded, two stocks, three stocks, its color is golden yellow, made of anodized aluminum, can be used in industry, agriculture, sleepy tie, packing etc ....

Specializing in the production of baling wire, including bundles of straw, hemp rope, gold rope, single strand, the second strand, three strands, four strands ranging for balers and automatic balers, baling wire sizes from 2.3 mm to 5.00 mm, pull from 150-300 kg, packing rope, gold rope, tied belay, baling wire, etc. according to customer requirements to OEM specifications any packaging rope hammock outdoor recreation, plastic rope, cloth rope, anodized rope, gold rope, cord, twine, rope plastic packaging, foil packaging rope, tied belay, vegetable greenhouses film rope, sling cucumbers, tomatoes, banana bending branch hanging wire rope, rope bending branch vine. Chang of pins country Main products: a variety of gold wire, metal machinery, marble, pipes packed rope tied tying, sewing rope, synthetic sewing thread, rope cutting fruit trees, bananas, grapes and tree rope bending branch, vegetables cucumber. tomatoes hanging branches hanging wire rope, aluminum foil Zhisheng, rope foil, bronzing Zhisheng.

Building a safety net-net, anti-dropping nets, protective nets, container dedicated security network, sewage network protection, aquaculture nets, fishing nets, fishing line, leisure hammock hanging net, automobile tires Mongolia net curtain cord, train Mongolia network coke net, large variety of industrial and agricultural use of special safety net.

Note: You can customize all kinds (rope) thickness of industry and agriculture with a rope according to customer requirements.

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