Rope-way switch

Rope-way switch

Product description:

Rope-way switch

HFKLT2-II Series two-way rope switch Supply two-way rope switch sensor factory price in Shanxi rope-way switch I Type rope switch

Product Name: KLT2 (HFKLT2-S) series two-way rope switch

Products: rope-way switch is mainly used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, rock, mining and chemical industries such as transportation systems, conveyor automation control is indispensable to the sensing element, this product is a belt conveyor scene of emergency stop The protection device. This product is made of high quality aluminum alloy precision die-casting, and the use of imported travel switch having high strength, light weight, good sealing, long life and other advantages of the product. The product internal use national instrument explosion-proof safety supervision and inspection Station (NEPSI) approved

Rope-way switch works: When the belt conveyor scene of emergency, affecting the system at any position along the rope hanging in the ear, forcing the machine to drive the rotation of the cam switching computer, send stop signal, to stop the effect, to prevent accidents expand.

Rope-way switch use of environmental conditions:

. a Ambient temperature: -40 ℃ ~ 60 ℃

b. relative humidity less than 85%

c. Altitude less than 2000m

d Life: 10 million times the switching operation

e insulation voltage:. AC1000 test 1 minute

HFKLT2-II series of two-way rope switch models

Contact capacity


Operating force

Working stroke

Limit travel

Protection class

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