Fire fence dual doors

Fire fence dual doors

Product description:

Fire fence dual doors

Fire fence dual doors For underground main drainage pumps and between the main substation chamber; within the belt conveyors, winches and distribution of electrical equipment and transformer cavern and other channels, such as the underground fire,; within the mining area substation channel so that combustion is not spreading, and ensure mine safety.

Fire fence dual doors Total 4 Specifications:
1 MFHSL1.4 * 1.8
2 MFHSL1.6 * 1.8
3 MFHSL1.8 * 2.0
4 MFHSL2.1 * 2.0
MFHSL 1.4 * 1.8 MFHSL (fire and fence dual doors
) 1.4 ( Cave mouth net through width 1400mm) 1.8 ( Net through a highly cave mouth 1800mm)
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