Tub meet spring | tub accessories | tub spring

Tub meet spring | tub accessories | tub spring

Product description:

Tub tub spring meet in the spring tub accessories

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product name : Tub tub meet meet in the spring

product manual : It is installed in the tub meet; the play damping effect between the tub and the tub; it is 1t , 1.5t , 3t Harvesters production units and tub maintenance units supporting products.

Tub meet in the spring - Harvesters and unloading in different ways according to the structure is divided into fixed side-dump dump, shuttle and hopper are several. Fixed tub tub meet in the spring wagons and the frame fixed connection, you must use the tub flip dumper Uninstall. tub meet spring consisting essentially of wagons, trailers, buffers, coupling and running gear. tub meet spring frame is a metal structure that can withstand the impact force of traction, braking force between the tub and rails mounted in the frame buffer the impact force at both ends , To mitigate the impact between the two vehicles. Coupler is coupled locomotives and tub components commonly used bolt chain ring and swing chains, large tub using both the buffer effect of the automatic coupler. Running gear is made 4 Wheels and 2 Consisting of the sum of the two axes wheel right. Tub and materials over 20 Ton, the general should increase the number of rounds. For more than two rounds of the tub, for ease through the corners on the composition of the two wheels of a car wheel.

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