32 tub ring chain | tub single chain | 38 rings Chain | 38 seven chain

32 tub ring chain | tub single chain | 38 rings Chain | 38 seven chain

Product description:

32 single-tub ring chain tub ring chain chain 38 seven 38 chain rings

Tub single chain 38 Chain rings 38 Seven chain

Seamless seven chain is mainly used for connection between the tub and the tub is a tub accessories extremely important tub accessories, this product is made of high-quality forged technology seamless cast seven chain, quality and durability, quality and quantity, as professional, so better.

One hundred million coal Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces single-chain, three-ring chain, chain rings, seven chain, serrated ring, scraper chain, ring chain. U Type Karan; card view; rail pressure device; spike; π-beams; metal roof beam; hinged roof beams

Mining extraction, transportation, loading down equipment. Perfect variety of large equipment and some special models can be customized

One hundred million coal Machinery Co fixed tub; tipping bucket tub; mining flatbed; materials, vehicles; tub accessories: mine wheels, mine car meet, meet in the spring, anti-off circle, three-ring chain, connecting pin, universal ring Wait.

Varieties; specifications; machine accessories and auxiliary materials to complete; sufficient quantity; price concessions; welcome to order!

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