Harvesters three rings, three-ring chain, three chain rings

Harvesters three rings, three-ring chain, three chain rings

Product description:

Tub three chain; ring chain; third link

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Tub tub three chain ring chain

One hundred million coal company specializing in the production of the following products:

Harvesters: Fixed tub, MGC stationary tub, YGC fixed tub, tipping bucket, tub, KFU tipping bucket tub, KFV tipping tub, flip-tub, side discharge tub, curved rail side dump mine car, dump the hydraulic side tub, hoppers, tub, Universal tub, materials, vehicles, mine flatbed.

Tub accessories: Tramcar single round, mine wheels right, rubber tub meet, polyurethane tub meet, tub meet in the spring, anti-off circle, single chain, ring chain, chain rings, universal ring, serrated ring, connecting bolt.

Tramcar matching products: Manual car stop, the electric car stop, oiling machine tub, tub slag machine, plastic machine tub, tub reset the machine, mining block, electric dumper, tipper high, climbing car machine, picking machines, tail wheel, cart machines, rake bucket rock machine, winch.

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