Specializing in the production rake bucket rock machine parts, planetary gear

Specializing in the production rake bucket rock machine parts, planetary gear

Product description:

Specializing in the production rake bucket rock machine parts, planetary gear

Jining one hundred million coal machinery produces the following rake bucket rock machine accessories:

Soft rock; Hard Rock; planetary gear; gear shaft; gear; housing; Seal; rail; a reduction gear box; gears; bridge shaft gearbox used; drum; spline shaft; gear cooperation; explosion Motor; Motor bearing; motor bearings; trolley; intermediate tank; dustpan port and connection slots; feed chute; discharge chutes; harrow; baffle; ring; guide wheel; tail wheel!

Rake bucket rock loader work: primarily through the winch drum groups, respectively, traction main rope, tail rope, so even moving reciprocating harrow, harrow the rock chops into feed chute, through the middle of the slot to the discharge chute discharge port is discharged into the tub to achieve rock job.

P-30B rake bucket rock loader mainly by the fixed wedge; tail wheel; harrow; transmission parts (including the steering mechanism; trolley; winch), guide wheel, trough (feed chute; intermediate slot; unloaded trough) and Most other major electrical components.

Rake bucket machine is used with MGC1.1 fixed trunk tub or skip rocks when loading small coal mines and large ore mining area roadway excavation, with half of coal and rock, P-30B rake installed suitable for rock drifting Hotels to 1.1 m3 tub or skip loading operation is suitable for clear height greater than two meters, the net section 6 above the roadway. 30B rake bucket machine with high production efficiency, simple structure, easy to operate and so can be in the semi-coal rock or rock roadway in use, can also be used for the downhill drift Heading Face rock, etc., such as adding two tail wheel, you can bend roadway in rock excavation process between parallel operations.

P-30B-type rake bucket rock loader (rake rock machine) electrical equipment (including motor), button switch; magnetic starter; lighting, etc. can be chosen explosion-proof; it may be used with gas and dust explosion hazards mine safe and reliable use!

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