Rake bucket rock machine parts, motor bearing

Rake bucket rock machine parts, motor bearing

Product description:

Rake bucket rock machine parts, motor bearing

Jining one hundred million coal machinery produces the following rake bucket rock machine accessories:

Soft rock, hard rock, planetary gears, gear shaft, gear, cover, seal, card rail, gearbox gears, gears, bridge shaft gearbox with the drum, spline shaft, gear with explosion-proof motor, motor bearing, motor bearing, trolley, middle groove, dustpan port and connection trough, feed chute, discharge chute, harrow, baffles, ring gear, guide wheel, tail wheel.

Rake bucket rock machine technical features

Item P15B (B) P30B (A) P60B (A) P90BP120B (A)

Harrow volume, m30.150.300.600.901.20

Technology survival, m3 / h15-2535-5070-11095-140120-180

Gauge, mm600600900600900 6009006009001500

Ropes traction, KN7.2-10.412.3-18.520.0-28.031.0-50.037.0-550

Rope diameter, mm12.512.5-15.515.517.018.5

Motor power, KW1117304555

Operating voltage, V380 / 660380/660380/660380/660380/660

Dimensions (excluding bezel) long


Wide 11701305185020502250

High 18002000235027452870

Total weight x103kg2.54.756.509.8012.50

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