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Karan U-shaped steel, U25 card cable, U29 card view

Karan U-shaped steel, U25 card cable, U29 card view
  • Karan U-shaped steel, U25 card cable, U29 card view
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Karan U-shaped steel. U25 Card cable. U29 Card view

U-shaped steel card laid is. The card cable U-shaped steel bracket for fixing generally Q235 material, weight 6-8KG, preferential price is 50 yuan / month.

One hundred million Coal Mine Machinery Co., Ltd. mainly produces all kinds tub. U Steel supports, and related accessories. Single chain, ring chain, chain rings, seven chain, serrated ring, scraper chain, ring chain. U Type Karan, card sheets, the pressure rail devices, Spikes, π-beams, metal roof beams, hinged roof beams.

One hundred million coal Machinery Co fixed tub; tipping bucket tub; mining flatbed; materials, vehicles; tub accessories: mine wheels, mine car meet, meet in the spring, anti-off circle, three-ring chain, connecting pin, universal ring Wait.

Varieties; specifications; machine accessories and auxiliary materials to complete; some special models can be customized!

One hundred million coal machinery; professional mining machinery provided; supplies fittings, etc. with a single; welcomed the inquiry.

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