Underground depots anti-shock valve

Underground depots anti-shock valve

Product description:

Underground depots anti-shock valve

Products - Anti-shock valve

Flame underground blasting material library of anti-shock valve can prevent underground blasting and blasting material library material issued cave chamber zhaoyao explosion, smoke, toxic gases spread out.

The main purpose of anti - shock valve

Mainly from anti-shock effect;

Adjust the amount of ventilation required the Treasury;

When a fire occurs in the Treasury, anti-shock valve vents closed isolators;

Specifications and parameters - anti-shock valve

Pressure (Mpa) models and specifications Drawing No.

1.5 FH1500 / 918 T86-FH1500 / 918

2.5 FH2500 / 918 FH2500 / 918

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Waterproof closed doors refuge chamber Shimen Anti-shock valve, closed the door. Fire fence dual doors, automatic throttle control, pneumatic control damper, electro-hydraulic control damper, air shaft blast doors Inclined wells blast doors, manual without pressure damper, complete specifications. The company also according to your requirements and special parameters to be customized.

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