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Shaft-proof door

Shaft-proof door
  • Shaft-proof door
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Shaft-proof door

Products shaft explosion - proof door

Shaft-proof door is mainly used for vertical shaft, it applies suction fan, to ensure that automatically rises when the fan is stopped, there is no more than 3432Pa and 4413Pa two kinds.

Technical data - Shaft explosion door

Models and Specifications

Icon Drawing No.

The maximum negative pressure (Kpa)

MFBL-3.0 / 450B78-375.14.41

MFBL-3.5 / 450B78-375.24.41

MFBL-4.0 / 450B78-375.34.41

MFBL-4.5 / 450B78-375.44.41

MFBL-5.0 / 450B78-375.54.41

MFBL-5.5 / 450B78-375.64.41

MFBL-6.0 / 450B78-375.74.41

MFBL-6.5 / 450B78-375.84.41

MFBL-7.0 / 450B78-375.94.41

MFBL-3.0 / 350B78-375.103.43

MFBL-3.5 / 350B78-375.113.43

MFBL-4.0 / 350B78-375.123.43

MFBL-4.5 / 350B78-375.133.43

MFBL-5.0 / 350B78-375.143.43

MFBL-5.5 / 350B78-375.153.43

MFBL-6.0 / 350B78-375.163.43

MFBL-6.5 / 350B78-375.173.43

MFBL-7.0 / 350B78-375.183.43

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