QFM mine without pressure damper | Air without pressure damper

QFM mine without pressure damper | Air without pressure damper

Product description:

QFM mine no pressure no pressure damper damper pneumatic

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MF type without pressure damper is a coal mine ideal damper, which clever use of leverage balancing mechanism double reverse fan door open, open under the force, short on time and can use the heavy hammer automatically close the damper. Structure unique, easy to install, safe and reliable.


MF type without pressure damper is mainly used for coal mine into each contact lane into the main return airway and return air lane between.

main feature:

1; opening force is small; and open air pressure within the force has nothing to do with the roadway;

2, two-way separated the wind, and then set the required reverse throttle.

3; people; the car through; throttle can be automatically shut down;

4; can be achieved between the two throttle lockout; ie: when a throttle opening which, in addition to a throttle open or not, can effectively block the air flow inside the tunnel.

5; reliable seal; a small amount of air leakage;

6; closed stable; easy to install;


1, no serious dripping and splashing water environment;

2, explosive gas (methane) and coal dust in mines.

Throttle opening way:

1, dual fan synchronous reverse opening and closing;

2, the opening angle: greater than or equal to 90 degrees.

Ordering Information:

1. Product name: Manual without pressure damper;

2, product specifications: MF-B (clear width) XH (clear height) that is: the width and height of the net through the open damper;

3, other special requirements.

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