Bomi impact behind closed doors | doors for mine | mine gate, please call 15376502873

Bomi impact behind closed doors | doors for mine | mine gate, please call 15376502873

Product description:

Impact Bomi closed doors dedicated coal mine gate, please call 15376502873

One hundred million coal machinery Door closed doors underground mine mine mine rescue capsule door impact Bomi closed professional manufacturer of hermetic

Closed door is a door to increase air tightness.

Materials closed doors are wood, steel's key component is a sealing device. QKB bladder-type fast closed 'is used to fire rescue, temporary closure of local gas accumulation or overrun, local temperature control point Rapid sealing technology for fire equipment The balloon-type fast closed domestic initiative (patented, patent No. ZL 97 2 00747.4), to improve the resilience of the mine, to reduce significant economic losses and casualties caused by fire mine of great practical significance. The product Antistatic flame retardant rubber materials processing is made with light weight, easy to carry, simple operation, construction speed characteristics.

main feature:

1; simple; ambulance crew easy to grasp; available in high-pressure nitrogen bottles inflatable; inflatable artificial tiger skin can also be used;

2; light weight; easy to carry; to solve the traditional enclosed material transport difficulties; time-consuming and labor problems;

3; construction speed; generally only 5-7 minutes; the fastest just four minutes; to complete the temporary closure;

4; good sealing effect; leakage rate; airbag gas tightness; does not leak more than 24h can be maintained;

5; wide range of applications; available in different cross-sectional shapes; different forms of stents used in roadway; versatility; vary;

6, the ambulance crew usually can be any practical training in the underground roadway;

7; airbag has closed framework support and blocking effect; no temporary support;

8, the balloon can be used as a temporary damper closed using temporary transfer wind.

9, the balloon can be used repeatedly closed, you can save a lot of wood.

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The factory produces all kinds of mining special doors series:

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