Refuge chamber closed doors | Mine doors | refuge chamber isolation doors | refuge chamber door

Refuge chamber closed doors | Mine doors | refuge chamber isolation doors | refuge chamber door

Product description:

Refuge chamber closed doors Mine refuge chamber isolation doors door Refuge chamber door

One hundred million coal mining machinery plant a variety of special doors series:

Waterproof closed doors refuge chamber Shimen electric hydraulic fan gate electric hydraulic cylinder flat gate ore mining area by hand flat gate electric gate Anti-Mine

Shock valve mine mine explosion door impact Bomi passage fire door closed mine fire fence gate dual gate mine water Mine without pressure damper

First, the refuge chamber isolation gate structure overview:
Coal mine refuge chamber should open outwards, the outer structure of the two doors to isolate the first blast doors (abbreviation: outside the door), the main function is to resist shock and blocking toxic gases; the second track is protective closed doors (short. : Inside door), the main function is to stop the poisonous gas into hedge survival chamber. Chamber for the transition between the two doors, the sealed doors of the living room as a safe-haven.
According to the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau (coal mine refuge Pilot Project Basic Requirements) (Coal Safety Supervision Division Office 2010 Article 9 No.) and the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau on (construction to improve coal mine safety risk Six systems Notice) (total coal screening equipment [2010]146 No.) requirements; isolation gate is not less than the reverse throttle standards; isolation doors and walls not less than **** The standard library wall.
Isolation doors and closed doors are made of multi-point perimeter fastening structure, seal dual channel U -Groove seal type. Open and flexible, reliable sealing.
in 2012 year 3 Month time through (national Chongqing mine production safety equipment inspection and testing center ) Antiknock prototype testing, the indicators in full compliance with (the pilot construction of underground mine refuge basic requirements) requirements. And has been widely used in the construction and use of coal mine refuge chamber permanent and temporary refuge chamber.
Second, the main specifications and model:
Product Name Specification Pressure ( Mpa ) Frame size (width X high)
Explosion-proof doors refuge chamber BMF-0.8X1.6 800X1600
Refuge chamber closed doors BMB-0.8X1.6 800X1600
Explosion-proof doors refuge chamber BMF-0.8X1.8 800X1800
Refuge chamber closed doors BMB-0.8X1.8 800X1800
Explosion-proof doors refuge chamber BMF-0.9X1.6 900X1600
Refuge chamber closed doors BMB-0.9X1.6 900X1600
Explosion-proof doors refuge chamber BMF-0.9X1.8 900X1800
Refuge chamber closed doors BMB-0.9X1.8 900X1800
Explosion-proof doors refuge chamber BMF-1.0X1.6 1000X1600
Refuge chamber closed doors BMB-1.0X1.6 1000X1600
Explosion-proof doors refuge chamber BMF-1.0X1.8 1000X1800
Refuge chamber closed doors BMB-1.0X1.8 1000X1800
Note: You can also produce other specifications according to customer product.

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