Mine-used flameproof type display

Mine-used flameproof type display

Product description:

Mine-used flameproof type display

Manufacturers selling flame-proof display XB127 Monitor to display standard for coal mine video signal display

1 XB127 monitor product overview

XB127 mine-used explosion-proof device is a standard video signal displayed on the monitor, the device has 2 kinds of image input video format, signal attenuation advantages, apply to contain coal dust mixture, mixture of methane explosion environment.

2 mine display requirements

2.1 operating environment conditions:

A) temperature: 0~+40 c;

B) relative humidity: ≤ 95% (25 ℃);

C) atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa;

D) where no significant vibration and shock;

E) destruction of insulation and corrosion of metal-free gas environment;

F) containing coal dust, explosive mixtures of methane environment, such as mines, mines, and so on.

2.2 mining monitors specifications: 2.2.1 power supply: a) the rated working voltage: AC127V b) power input: ≤ 100VA 2.2.2 video signal input connector: a) number: 1; B) image input video formats: NTSC or PAL system; C) signal characteristics: positive video signal, video signal amplitude 1V (peak to peak). 2.2.3 display size: 22 inches. 2.2.4 feature: color LCD display, the video signal from the video interface input and the ability to display black and white/color images. 2.3 explosion-proof type: mine-used flameproof 2.4 mark: ExdIMb 2.5 dimensions: 588mm*580mm*300mm

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