Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED display

Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED display

Product description:

Mine explosion-proof and Intrinsically Safe led Display

Mine Explosion led Screen display factory direct proof intrinsically safe Datong led Display clear display led Display

LED Display Product description:

PJ127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED display

LED Display Type:


Display flameproof and intrinsically safe operating voltage

Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED Display Specifications: 64 * 32 points

LED display performance:

a. 30 meters visible screen messages.

b. Display content can be fixed in a variety of ways or scroll text, pictures and time.

. c display content may be content via computers, Ethernet, etc. Change (support network port; RS232; RS485 communication mode, etc.).

working environment:

1, ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃;

2, humidity: ≤95% (temperature + 25 ℃ when);

3, atmospheric pressure: 80kPa ~ 110kPa;

4, coal mine methane, coal dust and other explosive mixture of gas, but no damage to the insulation of the corrosive gas, no strong vibration and bumps occasions.

LED display purposes:

PJ127 mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe LED display (referred to as the display) by the output intrinsically safe power supply, display lattice panels, speakers, control circuitry and other components mainly used for coal mine, 127V power supply capable of providing a place for provide coal mine safety warning language, civilized language, depth, direction indication and other display purposes, it can also be installed in the underground haulage tunnel mouth, the corner as a safety warning to car use, and may give language prompts (content according to need to set) Better improve coal mine safety in production and civilized production.

This product uses the integrated circuit, luminescence tube, low power consumption, show clear, loud voice, long life, stable and reliable.

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