Integrated protection device of lighting | Mine explosion-proof lighting integrated protection

Integrated protection device of lighting | Mine explosion-proof lighting integrated protection

Product description:

Lighting integrated Protector for mine explosion-proof lighting integrated protection

Flameproof enclosure integrated device for cylindrical, protruding and shield. Cover the mouth and body used hub Cap structure. Upper part of the shell has a junction box as the introduction of the cable. Shell fitted with isolating switch on the right side of the handle, start and stop twisting and test circuit, leakage protection system test button is valid. And reliable mechanical interlocking device guarantees that when the switch is closed, when the cover is open, disconnecting switch cannot be closed. Shell top with a lens, you can observe the status led from the outside. Main transformer connected to the chassis of the slide structure, easy maintenance.

Main components:

1, isolating switch 1 k: normally only used for isolated power supply, load operation is not allowed. Under fault conditions, breaking 6 times 3 times the rated current of the main transformer.

2; A fuse 1RD; 2RD: short circuit protection of the main transformer.

3; Secondary fuses 3RD; 4RD:127V systems backup protection.

4, control circuit fuses 5RD: protection of the control transformer.

5, 127V CKJ AC contactor for control signal system of load switching.

6, current transformer LHZb, LHZc sampling system protection is used for lighting.

7, LHxb 127V short circuit protection for the system of current transformer signal sampling.

8, ZB:127V of the main transformer power supply.

9, the control transformer KB: comprehensive unit protection system of low-voltage power supply.

10, lines plug-in: protection of electronic components, is used to implement the protection function of the device.

11; Control of QA test button; TA: used to control access and breaking load and test the protection function is normal.

12, led LED1~6: for normal and fault status indicator.

13, j DC relay: as protection actuator circuit Terminal.

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