Mine intrinsically safe programmable controllers

Mine intrinsically safe programmable controllers

Product description:

Mine intrinsically safe programmable controllers

Programmable Controller mining intrinsically safe field programmable controllers latest ex-factory Controller

The main programmable control device for monitoring coal mining equipment have two kinds of universal controller intrinsically safe and flameproof dedicated controller:

Intrinsically safe dedicated controller targeted; small quantities; not universal; a result of high costs; service large; not conducive to improving the quality and promotion;

Flameproof universal controller due to the flameproof enclosure, flameproof chamber volume and limits the number of terminals can not be on-site programming, advantages of its functionality and flexibility can not play.

This research project is aimed at coal mines Characteristics of intrinsically safe programmable logic controller, taking the nature of security technology, to adapt to harsh environmental conditions of coal mine; requirements, design templates and user terminal numbers based on the control object; on-site programming and remote programming ways to address the safety type dedicated controller inflexible configuration and programming complex defects. After field tests show that the intrinsically safe programmable controllers designed, functional and stable performance, the real underground scene security program for in the coal harsh environments.

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