Optical intrinsically safe mine

Optical intrinsically safe mine

Product description:

Optical intrinsically safe mine

Hot away intrinsically safe transmission Optical Optical Optical Optical price Optical mine

Optical intrinsically safe mine Overview

1 Product Features

KTG116 mine intrinsically safe equipment KJ28 Optical fiber is an important industrial television system photoelectric conversion. The Optical disposed in the housing, can achieve 4-way video signals are combined into one channel video signal, and then converts the video signal into a photoelectric signal, and By far the optical fiber transmission features.

2 Use features

The Optical Press (KTG116 Optical intrinsically safe mine enterprise standard) design and manufacturing, enterprise standard number Q / 320300DAD18-2008, used in coal mine gas and coal dust explosion hazard sites, industrial television can transmit video signals and data signals, with transmission distance, anti-interference ability, small size, high reliability, suitable for use in the coal mine.

3 Model Description

Mine intrinsically safe, marked as 'Exib I';

4 Dimensions

Dimensions: 300mm * 230mm * 120mm

Weight: about 7.5Kg

Mining Technical parameters Optical intrinsically safe

1 Environmental Parameters

a) Ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃;

b) the average relative humidity: less than 95% (25 ℃);

c) Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa ~ 106 kPa;

d) a coal mine gas; coal dust explosion hazard environment; but there was no damage to insulation corrosive gas applications;

e) No splashing water or watering place;

f) No significant vibration and shock of the place.

2 Power Parameters

a) rated working voltage: DC12V;

b) the maximum operating current: 500mA.

3 Data transmission

4 video inputs: Positive polarity whole television signal, Vp-p shall be not less than 1.0V, 75Ω unbalanced.

1 video light output: Optical wavelength: 1310nm; output optical power: -10dBm ~ 0dBm;

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