Mine intrinsically safe turnout position status display

Mine intrinsically safe turnout position status display

Product description:

Mine intrinsically safe turnout position status display

Command displays the latest offer received controller Shaanxi fork bit status display Mine turnout digit display manufacturers selling Display Display

One part of the underground mobile target management system, placed underground, receiving instruction from the controller, the display state turnout, indicating the direction of locomotive travel.

There are three fork-bit status display receives the signal from the controller, and make judgments, driving a light emitting diode, display fork bit status. With vertical arrows represent straight, diagonal arrows indicate oblique display status

Straight oblique light colors light colors

Representation Meaning

Green and red straight

Red and green diagonal

Red straight, diagonal prohibited

Fork-digit display of station number display portion of the fork-digit display of station number, and the corresponding controller with numbers.

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