Dandong leavened groove blockage detector

Dandong leavened groove blockage detector

Product description:

Dandong leavened groove blockage detector

Dandong leavened groove plug detector detector works Shelf stacking conveyor blockage

First, leavened groove blockage detector works

The detector is mounted on the side wall of the groove leavened, when leavened vessel clogging accumulation of material must be squeezed tambour, and offset of the limit switch is activated, an alarm or stop signal. After troubleshooting, movable door automatic reset in spring action.

Second, leavened groove blockage detector structural features

The detector uses a lateral pressure activity doors, troubleshooting, spring thrust the movable door automatic reset; cast aluminum housing with a coating of heavy-duty high sensitivity micro-switch contacts, force can only 0.9kg trigger switch Selection of imported trip switch inside the machine, sensitive, and high reliability.

Third, the technical parameters of the detector

Operating angle 5 °, the limit angle 10 °.

Contact capacity: 1A / 125 (DC); 5A / 250V or 380V (AC).

Housing: dust, corrosion, rain.

Protection class: IP55.

Contact Number: one normally open and one normally closed (may need to increase the number of switches according to the user)

Switch can be normally open or normally closed form according to user needs access to.

Ambient temperature: -20 ~ 60 ℃.

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