KBZ flameproof vacuum feed switch

KBZ flameproof vacuum feed switch

Product description:

KBZ Flameproof vacuum feed switch

KBZ (BKD9) -400 1140 (660) Flameproof vacuum feed switch

1. Purpose

The product is used for coal mine AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 1140 or 660V, rated current 400A and below the neutral point of the three-phase power supply system is not directly grounded, as the total power distribution system switch, branch switch, it can be used as large no small capacity motor frequent starting control of the product using digital monolithic integrated protection technology, overload, short circuit, undervoltage, voltage protection;. selective leakage protection; branch switch leakage protection backup protection and leakage blocking protection.

2. Type Meaning

KBZ-400Z / 1140 (660)

KBZ flameproof feed switch

400 Rated current

Z intelligent vacuum

1140 (660) Rated voltage (dual-voltage type)

NOTE: Ⅰ Ⅱ analog protection digital protection

3. Technical Data

Rated current 400A200A

Rated voltage 1140V660V1140V660V

Rated short-circuit breaking capacity 7.5KA9KA4.5KA7.5KA

Leakage protection action value 40KΩ 11KΩ20KΩ11KΩ

Leakage blocking value 40KΩ22KΩ40KΩ22KΩ

Short circuit protection action time (100ms (100ms

Leakage protection breaking time ≦ 30ms ≦ 30ms

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