CZZ bearing tension sensor

CZZ bearing tension sensor

Product description:

CZZ Bearing tension sensor

Bearing tension sensor shelf sensor tension sensor Sensor factory price

CZZ bearing tension sensor range 30N ...... 6000N

Bearing type tension sensor provides the highest measurement precision strain measurement, reliability and stability. Sensor made of stainless steel, built-in mechanical overload protection agency, and each sensor is factory performance testing, thus ensuring the sensor has high measurement accuracy, stability and reliability. is the best choice for high-performance processing continuous material tension control.

CZZ bearing tension sensor technical features

10 times the rated load overload, sensor without recalibration

`The measuring roller bearing integrated in the sensor, saving space

`Precision level reached 0.5%, the high-resolution

`Nominal range 33N ....... 6000N, meet all kinds of tension measurement requirements

Stainless steel material; permanent corrosion resistance; high reliability

CZZ bearing tension sensor wiring:

Red Power positive; Green Line power supply negative; yellow line signal positive; white line signal negative

Standard signal output:

(0-5) v, (0-10) v, (4-20) ma optionally

CZZ bearing tension sensor technical indicators:

Parameter Unit Specifications

Sensitivity mV / V 1.5-2.0

Nonlinear ≤% F`S 0.02-0.05

Hysteresis ≤% F`S 0.02-0.05

Repeatability ≤% F`S 0.02-0.05

Creep ≤% F`S / 30min 0.03

Zero output ≤% F`S ± 1

Zero temperature coefficient ≤% F`S / 10 ℃ ± 0.03

Sensitivity temperature coefficient ≤% F`S / 10 ℃ ± 0.03

Operating temperature range ℃ -20 ℃ ~ +70 ℃

Input resistance Ω 380 ± 2Ω

Output resistance Ω 350 ± 2Ω

Safe overload% F`S 150% F`S

Insulation resistance MΩ≥5000 MΩ (50 VDC)

Recommended excitation voltage V recommended voltage 12VDC

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