Hydraulic pressure sensor

Hydraulic pressure sensor

Product description:

Hydraulic pressure sensor

Supply air pressure sensor transmitter to force up the price of the hydraulic pressure sensor pressure sensor mine sensors

The series pressure transmitter adopts the international advanced high precision and high stability sensor; a high-performance amplifier with ASIS; after thousands impact of fatigue; high; temperature cycling aging and sophisticated digital temperature compensation technology; then after full seal welded stainless steel (laser welding) from refining.

High-quality sensors, strict validation process, and improve the assembly process to ensure that the excellent quality of the product particularly suitable for pressure hydraulic, pneumatic and other media measurement, even in harsh environments such as sewage, steam, light degree corrosive gas measurement. puzzle solving customer needs bottom.

The series pressure transmitter features:

Stainless steel diaphragm integrated structure, can adapt to harsh environments

Precision;; cost-effective; a small volume of high stability

Lightning, anti-electromagnetic / radio frequency interference

Wide power supply range (10 ~ 40V)

No filling liquid, affected by temperature minima

The series pressure transmitter Typical applications:

Hydraulic pressure control

Building Automation, Water Supply

Automation systems and test systems

Groundwater level, reservoirs, water towers and containers of liquid level measurement and control.

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