Speed ​​monitor

Speed ​​monitor

Product description:

Speed ​​monitor

Supply speed monitor speed switch manufacturers selling speed detector SJ-I Monitor to force the price of speed monitor

The detector is mainly used to detect the speed of the belt conveyor, mainly for electric power, metallurgy, port, mining, chemical and other industries.

Speed ​​switch works:

When the trolley with the tape machine running pulse driven by internal disks; magneto-inductive rotation of the pulse signal input tray sensor to the control circuit; amplified; after integer counts; it counts the number of explants with a preset comparison; Analyzing tape Belt speed; namely: normal speed, skid or speeding while performing circuit outputs a corresponding switching signal.

SJ-I monitor Features:

The machine consists of a touch wheel; pulse plate; electronic pulse switch; shell composition; trolley made of cast iron casting; surface grooving to wear slip effect; cast aluminum housing; connection with a ring so that the machine can reduce weight and it has good water resistance; this unit switch normally closed output in the form of adoption (Optional normally open type), 0.8 either tripped or shut down if the tape speed is below.

The speed detector chassis and detection probe, are waterproof, dustproof structure is easy to use, reliable performance, configuration flexibility features, belt conveyor is ideal detection and control devices.

Protection class: IP65 (IEC standard) with good vibration resistance

Preset counting switch can be set according to user needs.

Speed ​​monitor technical parameters: 1, the use of environmental conditions

a, ambient temperature -20 ℃ ~ + 50 ℃

b, relative humidity less than 80%

Operating Voltage: AC: 220V ± 20%

Input signal: 10mV-10V

Speed ​​range: 20-999r / min

Overall power consumption: (15W

Switching Output Type: normally closed (Optional normally open type)

Contact capacity: Two-switch 1A / 220V; four-wire switch 5A / 380V (specify when purchasing)

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