Explosion prison intrinsically safe DC power supply

Explosion prison intrinsically safe DC power supply

Product description:

Explosion prison intrinsically safe DC power supply

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For a coal mine gas and coal dust, or need a place where intrinsically safe DC power supply for the mine monitoring and control stations, explosion-proof switches, sensors and other offers intrinsically safe DC power supply. The use of advanced power supply module to the power supply input processing, the circuit has a completely independent intrinsically safe outputs, each are designed with a double over-voltage over-current and thermal protection, coupled with the use of advanced technology, so that up to 90% efficiency.

Power fluctuations adaptability:

Input supply voltage (optional): 660/380 / 220V, 50Hz

Output supply voltage (optional): 5/12/18 / 24V DC, etc.

Transmission media: power supply to the sub-station, the sensor transmission medium for the coal polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cable

Power Type: KDW0.3 / 660 (A), KDW0.3 / 660 (B), KDW0.3 / 660 (C), KDW0.3 / 660 (D)

First, the DC power supply Overview

KDW660 / 18 (A) mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe DC power supply is a multi-channel allowing gas and coal dust explosion hazard environments Universal intrinsically safe power supply for the mining intrinsically safe equipment provide power.

Second, the DC power supply works

KDW660 / 18 (A) is a single-tube type power flyback, he excited switching power supply. Using pulse width modulation (PWM) control mode, use power MOS as a switching device, the principle of detailed block diagram in Figure 1.

Third, the DC power supply Main Features

1, each supply a total of four 18V DC power output (four outputs without common ground), mainly as intrinsically safe circuit TV cameras, underground sensors and other ancillary power. Power running stable and reliable.

2, output over-current protection: When the output short circuit or overload, over-current protection of the power supply into the dual state, a sharp decline in the output voltage when the overcurrent fault is cleared, the power automatically return to work.

3, the output voltage protection function: When the output over voltage, over-voltage protection of the power supply into the dual state ensure that the output voltage does not exceed the nominal value of the positive deviation; in the case of internal overvoltage protection, the power is automatically cut off the output, the output. zero, before use Masui maintenance. Safe and reliable.

Fourth, the main technical characteristics of the DC power supply

1, Specification

`Proof type: Mine explosion-proof and intrinsically safe

`Model: KDW660 / 18 (A)` Dimensions: 400mm * 280mm * 110mm

`Quality: 24Kg

2, Technical Specifications

`Rated input voltage: AC660V / 380V / 220V / 127V (optional), 50Hz

`Voltage fluctuation range: 75% to 110%

`Rated output voltage: 4, DC18V (four outputs without common ground)

`Rated output current: 400/400/400/400 (mA)

`Protection: double overvoltage, overcurrent protection

`Over-Voltage Protection: ≤19.5V

`Overcurrent protection current: ≤1000mA

`Work: continuous work

3, the working environment

`Ambient temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃

`Relative humidity: ≤95% (+ 25 ℃)

`Atmospheric pressure: 80 kPa ~ 106 kPa

`No significant vibration and shock of place

`Coal mine methane and coal dust explosion hazard but no corrosive gas environment

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