Lighting signal integrated protection device

Lighting signal integrated protection device

Product description:

Lighting signal integrated protection device

ZBZ Mine explosion-proof lighting , Flameproof lighting signal Fully

ZBZ Flameproof lighting signal integrated protection device

Lighting lighting signal integrated protection device integrated security flameproof lighting signal integrated protection device

First, use: This device is suitable for explosion-proof electrical equipment integrated mixed gas containing methane, dangerous coal mine, as 127V power supply and signal lighting load power control and leakage protection, etc. can replace the existing 2.5kVA, 4kVA dry. multi-body control transformers and switch manually explosion.

Second, the function:

• Use PLC microcomputer monitoring protection device; anti-jamming; the protection of sensitive and reliable; and high accuracy;

• all Chinese large-screen LCD; automatic backlight; menu-driven operation instructions;

• Important operations are authorized password, effectively prevent the occurrence of misuse;

• have episodic memory, the query function;

• with a standard RS485 communication interface configured in KJ254 mine power monitoring system, telemetry, remote, remote, remote adjustment and other 'four remote "function, to supply equipment automation.

Third, the technical parameters and specifications

Rated Capacity: 8.0 Rated voltage: 1140660380 / 133V

Current Rating: allowable temperature rise: 85K

Rated capacity: 10.0 Rated voltage: 1140660380 / 133V

Current Rating: 5.18.715.2/43.4A allowable temperature rise: 85K

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