Flameproof vacuum feed switch

Flameproof vacuum feed switch

Product description:

Flameproof vacuum feed switch

KBZ-200 , 400 , 500 , 630 , 1140 (660) Flameproof vacuum feed switch

1. Purpose

KBZ-200400/1140 (660) flameproof vacuum feed switch for coal mine and its surrounding medium is methane, coal dust and other explosive mixture of gas environment, in AC 50Hz, rated voltage of 660V or 1140V, rated current up to 400A of circuit, as a master switch or branch switching power supply system, but also as a large-capacity starter motor is not less frequent. Feed switch with overload, short circuit, undervoltage, leakage lockout protection, but also has remote shunt trip, when used in conjunction with leakage relays, also with leakage protection.

2. Type Meaning

KBZ- • / •

KBZ flameproof feed switch

• rated current

• Rated voltage

3. Technical Data

Model specifications KBZ-200KBZ-400 KBZ-500 KBZ-630

Rated current 200A400A500A630A

Rated voltage 6601140

Ultimate breaking capacity 7500A7500A12500A12500A

Electrical life 3000 3000 3000 3000

Mechanical life of 15,000 times 15,000 times 15,000 times 15,000 times

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