Flameproof main switch

Flameproof main switch

Product description:

Flameproof main switch

Manufacturers selling switching main switch mine flameproof explosion-proof master Shanxi, Inner Mongolia main switch main switch ex-works master switch

KBM-3/110 flameproof main switch, main switch, KBM switch. (Overview)

KBM-3/110 flameproof main switch (hereinafter referred to as the master switch) is a special type of battery as the explosion-proof motor vehicle, trackless rubber tire vehicle front and rear lights and signals through power lines for conversion purposes After serving in order to achieve the motor car there before moving lights running red lights.

Flameproof main switch (basic parameters)

Rated voltage: DC110V;

Current Rating: 3A;

Duty: hour working;

Quality: 4kg;

Flameproof main switch (using ambient conditions)

Altitude less than 1200m.

Ambient air temperature is -20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃.

Ambient air humidity; the wettest month average maximum relative humidity of 95% (the same monthly average minimum temperature of not more than + 25 ℃).

Main switch - flameproof main switch - Explosion master switch for containing methane and coal dust explosion hazard environment, not enough to destroy harmful gas insulation and corrosion of metals and conductive dust.

With respect to the longitudinal direction of the locomotive; transverse; vertical vibration amplitude shall meet the following conditions; (f- vibration frequency, A- amplitude) A≤25 / f (f is 2-10Hz time) A≤250 / f2 (f is greater than 10-50Hz time)

With respect to the longitudinal acceleration is not greater than the impact of the locomotive 30m / s2;

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