Mine intrinsically safe infrared transmitter

Mine intrinsically safe infrared transmitter

Product description:

Mine intrinsically safe infrared transmitter

Supply infrared transmitter transmitting circuit microcontroller's latest offer continuous infrared transmitter emits an infrared signal

The utility model discloses a mine intrinsically safe infrared transmitter includes a transmitter circuit with infrared emission tube transmitter circuit, including SCM, SCM including 38kHz carrier wave generating means and a data output port, 38kHz carrier wave generating means and data output port are connected through the transistor and transmitting circuit transmitting circuit utilizing single chip timing generator 38kHz square wave, the use of serial transmit data output, data through the modulation transmitted to 38kHz. because the microcontroller crystal frequency is very stable, single-chip crystal oscillator with 38kHz to achieve square wave, the carrier frequency stability, the increased transmission range, able to adapt to the harsh conditions underground, long distance and stable continuous emits an infrared signal.

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