Mine Division turnout control device transmitter

Mine Division turnout control device transmitter

Product description:

Mine Division turnout control device transmitter

Coal Division Supply Division control switch control switch control switch means for transmitting the Division 's ex-factory transmitter

I. Overview of the Division control switch means with transmitter

By the remote control transmitter and superheterodyne transmitter intrinsically safe battery, it has a remote distance, stable, long battery life and other advantages.

Second, the Division turnout control Technical parameters Transmitter

1, rated working voltage : 9.6V, voltage allows the fluctuation range 9V ~ 12V.

2, the maximum operating current : ≤40mA

3, standby operating current : ≤6mA

4, firing frequency : 315 ± 0.5MHz

5, the transmission power : -15dBm ~ + 10 dBm ???

6. Modulation: amplitude shift keying

7, the transmission signal : one

8, Antenna Impedance : 75Ω

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