Proof bells | Mine flameproof electric bell

Proof bells | Mine flameproof electric bell

Product description:

Mine flameproof explosion-proof electric bell bell

Flameproof electric bell factory direct factory price in Shanxi Coal Mine electric bell bell bell mine flameproof electric bell

BAL1-127 (36) Mine flameproof bells are mainly used in coal mine methane and coal dust with a mixture of explosive gases occasions, as the downhill ramp shaft hoist winch and driving with contact signal can also be used in other applications.

Mine explosion-proof electric bell technical parameters

1. Explosion-proof type: BAL1-127 (36) Explosion-proof mark: ExdI

2. Rated voltage: 127V, 36V

3. Rated current: 0.6A, 0.18A

4. Operation: Button

5. Audio Radius: ≥150m

Note: The rated voltage bell small, less than 2.5mm2 more than 4KM 4KM optional choice 4mm 2 cable

Mine explosion-proof electric bell structural features

1. Dimensions: 180 * 145 * 320

2. Weight: 7.4kg

3. The mine flameproof electric bell using ZG-25 # cast steel processing, with small size, structure, beautiful and practical features.

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