Coal Mine Drainage Monitoring System

Coal Mine Drainage Monitoring System

Product description:

Coal Mine Drainage Monitoring System

Reliability staff monitoring system pump unit control system the largest coal mine drainage water inflow site controller system

Normal water inflow of 17 m ~ 3 / min, maximum inflow can reach 20 m ~ 3 / min or more, of which two-level central pumping station is the largest mine of the pumping station, the existing pumps 12, Model D600-55 * 5, the flow rate of 600m ~ 3 / h, of which four work, four spare, four maintenance, equipped with explosion-proof three-phase asynchronous motors, model YB560 M2-4, power of 710 kW, the use of manual operation, system poor reliability, high labor intensity. to this end, the monitoring of the underground drainage system has been modified .

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