Mine explosion-proof telephone | Mine intrinsically safe automatic telephone

Mine explosion-proof telephone | Mine intrinsically safe automatic telephone

Product description:

Mine explosion-proof telephone mine intrinsically safe automatic telephone

Mine explosion-proof communications equipment factory direct secure communications equipment for mining automatic telephone communication contact phone best available tools

KTH130 mining intrinsically safe automatic telephone intrinsically safe explosion-proof communications equipment for sites containing methane and other explosive gas mixtures in coal mining enterprises, do communications liaison purposes. This series of mining intrinsically safe automatic telephone shell high-strength anti-static flame retardant ABS plastic material, wherein the hook control portion waterproof phone with high import sensitivity reed switch and permanent magnet strong mutual cooperation to complete; increasing the circuit board sealed chamber structure , thus greatly improving the telephone seal. make phone has a very good dust, moisture, water-resistant. Setting the luminous display in the key number plate at the telephone, make phone hook function in the dark to see clearly Key characters clear number on the disc. When the telephone is on-hook if the phone Hu, in the telephone luminous tube at the front panel will turn on the machine while Hu called emits tone. telephones also have hang up, redial and tight Hu function (tight Hu numbers in A; B; C; D can be arbitrarily selected within a range of four; when tight Hu features give users pre-ordering instructions), made number of audio and pulse arbitrary choice. This series of mining intrinsically safe automatic telephone KTA120 general and mining intrinsically safe telephone coupler can be used with DC, ringing, tight Hu and other input and output signals consistent ground switches, PBX supporting through scheduling, consisting of coal mine production dispatch communication system.

Telephone Intrinsically safe parameters:

The maximum input DC voltage Ui: DC 50V; the maximum DC input current Ii: DC 26mA;

Ringing maximum input voltage Ui: AC 46V; the maximum input ringing current Ii: AC 26mA;

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