Mine wireless communications system

Mine wireless communications system

Product description:

Mine wireless communications system

Wireless communication system introduced:

For mine information construction demand, Jining Coal Machinery Equipment Manufacturing Co., one hundred million according to the results of a number of technical comparison argumentation, as well as on-site field survey was developed based on the GSM communications system. This system is the backbone fiber optic cable network to extend wireless network communication set up several base stations in the underground, through a wireless communication means, in order to achieve production scheduling management and information exchange functions. using wireless communication means to achieve between the underground and ground mobile phones and various types of terminals, including office phone, cell phone, etc. between needs a complete set of integrated communication system is designed for the present status of the coal mining industry and the inherent characteristics of the communication and design, scheduling, monitoring, integrated system, which uses the most advanced current international popular wireless network technology.

Wireless communications systems FEATURES AND BENEFITS :

The system can be achieved with mine fixed telephone network, public mobile communications network tandem networking, the mining area of ​​mobile users and fixed users unified control and command. That realization among all wired and wireless users scheduling features, underground GSM phone, underground between GSM mobile phones and scheduling between underground GSM mobile phone GSM mobile phone with the ground, between the underground GSM mobile phone with the ground fixed telephone, PHS, mobile phones can achieve two-way conversation, but also according to production needs of wireless users and carried a fixed user hybrid network, uniform number.

1; avoid duplication of investment; a common platform for multiple services (voice; video; data);

2, the system services and carrying capacity;

3; The system is modular in design; easy expansion; total capacity is not limited;

4; with its own internal soft-switching function; is not limited to the external network; saving switch resources;

5, a complete networking capability: The system supports digital trunk; analog trunk; automatic telephone network; artificial station and direct line

6, all-digital.

7; for underground communication environment; have a good noise filtering;

8, and ground communications systems and public network interconnection;

9, with superior practicality and stability;

10, low maintenance cost, easy to maintain.

Wireless communication system features:

1. Jining one hundred million coal machinery developed GSM communications standard in today's wireless communication technologies and products of the most mature, the most widely used way;

2; provide cost-effective; high reliability; user terminal has three anti-performance;

3; internal Coal independent communications network; enterprise self-maintenance; system in addition to providing high-quality voice communication functions; increased data capabilities


5, the system can be seamlessly build close business users subsystem in the country;

6, the system can use the internal networks and the Internet;

7; internal use cornet free interoperability; including voice; SMS;

8, can be connected to the mobile or fixed terminals;

9, the system supports mobile phones in public or business information services; support mobile Internet browsing system can support other value-added services, like mobile phone services and common ground.

Wireless communication systems Advantages:

1, GSM wireless communication system is a global wireless communications extending the mine, there are systems support and ensure that China Mobile, China Unicom's communications giants.

2, to provide cost-effective, highly reliable, with three anti-performance user terminals.

3, using the GSM wireless communication standard, technology and products, is today's wireless communication technologies and products most mature, the most widely used way.

4, hybrid engineering model of the antenna and leaky cable, while reducing system costs, while truly a mine full coverage.

5, practical data communication.

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